Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Me and my cute Mom, Christmas 2010

Friday, January 7, 2011

  Grand Kids
 Some of most Favorite people
 Scott and Kristy with the Castle behind us
Bowling on our last day

San Diego Wild Animal Park

 It's a Small World

Waiting to get into Disneyland

Look at at all the people

I was so cold  so glad  I had my winter coat
Universal Studios

Our Trip to California

We took all of our Kids to Califorina,  We flew out on Dec. 26, 2010  But Jared, Susan and Jack flight got delayed because of bad weather in Boston,  so the flight they could get was on wed. Dec. 29th....  I think we were pioneer children because we walked and walked and walked and sometimes we ran.... We had a great time. It was fun for Scott and I to watch the Grandchildren laugh and have fun and to watch our own children and Spouses laugh and have fun.   But all good things must come to and end  and we flew home on Jan 2,2011...  what a zoo our flight was delayed 2 times we got to Utah at 12:30PM when we were to get home at 10:30...  We had to get to our truck, dig it out of the snow, jump start Tina and John's car.   We got home  at 3:00 am.  We had so much fun so glad we did it, so worth it....